RYSC Club Update 8/3/2020

Hello Ravenswood Youth Soccer Club Parents!

I hope that you are keeping your family safe, in the unprecedented time. As you have seen, the United States has been unable to get the infection and death rate of COVID-19 under control. Because of this, many of our children are unable to return to school in the fall, people are unable to return to normal activities like dining out, getting a haircut or watching our kids compete in sports programs.

I was asked a few days ago by a parent: I do see some kids on the field practicing soccer, are they supposed to be playing? Can we practice as well?
My answer is this; RYSC is not yet able to re-start practices and games for a full contact sport like soccer. Even if children are less-likely to get severely sick or die from COVID-19, it is still possible. Not only that, they will spread the virus to each other, and also to their adult members that live in the home. We LOVE soccer, but we are not willing to put the life our club kids and families in more jeopardy because of soccer. Also like teachers in schools, we also cannot ask club coaches and team staffs to put their lives on the line.

CCSL/Cal North has set the date for fall season to start on September 12th. By now, all RYSC teams would be on the field practicing daily in preparation for games in a few weeks. But California has again laid down new restrictions because the number of infections and deaths has risen. All Youth Sports are currently banned, even high school sports will not even begin to restart until December.

The way things are now makes it difficult for us to believe that Youth Soccer League games could start in just a few weeks from now. But we will pray that there will be a way for soccer to restart. We will be watching the news and events daily and will keep you updated on any changes.

Please be safe, wear a mask and remain socially distanced when in public. This is the ONLY way we will be able to get our kids back on the soccer field.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email, or visit www.ravenswoodsoccer.com

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