Registration Info

At RYSC We believe that all players should get a chance to play with a team. We are also very confident in the coaching and match-management skills of our Club Coaches.

We stand by our beliefs – if your child would like to play, she/he will play. Not only that, your child will play at least 50% of every league game her/his team plays*, as a rule. Therefore there are no team “tryouts” at RYSC. We let your player prove to themselves and to their team that they have the love of the game and the infinite ability to improve, as all children do.

Get your player on a team in 3 easy steps!
  1. If your player is already practicing with an RYSC team, please complete the online registration form here.
  2. When you have completed the online registration form, our Club Manager will contact you (don’t worry, she will actually contact you ASAP). He will let you know by you child’s age, gender and experience which team he will begin practice.
  3. After your player meets his/her team and coach, the team’s manager will ask you to fill out the remainder of the forms.

Participation fees

  • Registration fee ($135). Paid in July of each year, and when a player first joins the club. 
  • Fall Fee ($135). Paid in August of each year for fall-season play
  • Spring Fee ($135). Paid in February of each year for spring-season play
    • Total: $405 per year. (multi-child discounts available)

This also includes THREE new home/away uniform kits each year! You pay nothing else for your child to play.

Each of those individual fees can also be split into 2-3 smaller payments (by request). We accept all major credit cards. The reason why we do this is to make sure that parents do not feel a heavy financial burden to get their child active in sports in our community.

*as long as a player is attending all team practices and games.

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