RYSC Programs

We have multiple options for teams and training for players. We’ll help you choose the option that best fits your child’s needs.

Pre-Competitive Player Training

This is the garden in which we grow the very best players in youth soccer. Our Pre-Competitive Training program is for all ages. Players train twice a week with our coaches to prep them to join an existing team or a newly-formed team. One of the best part of our Pre-Competitive training is that it is absolutely free for all players!

Your child is able to come and experience club soccer in a fun and exciting environment – then when teams are formed each season, you have the option to join a competitive team, or continue the free Pre-Competitive Training.

Competitive Club Team Training

Our philosophy for team training still focuses on the individual player. Before we ask our youth players to go out and “win the game”, we must make sure that we have trained each player with the skill and technique needed to compete.

RYSC has been the home of some of the top teams in California, producing two professional players! Our teams compete at a high level and all of our coaches are licensed and background-checked.

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