My child already plays on a club team, why should I consider switching to RYSC?

This is a very good question. We believe that we offer a solid, life-balanced, and economical option to many of the Peninsula soccer clubs. We also provide more inclusiveness, more diversity, and more family-friendly atmosphere for your player to advance to the highest levels of soccer. You can ask yourself these questions below to see if RYSC would be a good fit for your player.

Do you spend $400 or more a year on club registration fees?

Wow, that’s a lot. Some may be paying even more, twice a year. If you do not see true value in the cost, consider that RYSC teams play in the same leagues and versus the same teams as your current club (and we win a lot). So why pay more? Our fees are less than $400 yearly and that includes fall and spring season, and 2 uniform kits.

Does your child spent more time on the bench than s/he does playing the game?

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence in club soccer. Club coaches (and parents) are often-times more bent on winning the game at all costs than actually training and developing their players. But more times than not, that means that your child sits on the bench for most of the game, tearing down his/her self esteem and never giving them a chance to find their love for the game.

At RYSC we are as competitive as they come, but our trained coaches will never sacrifice your child to the bench for the sake of winning the game. In fact, your child is guaranteed to play at least 1/2 of every single league game his team plays. That’s right. That is how much we believe in your child. S/he deserves a chance to prove to themself and their team that they love this game.

Does the coach yell at or belittle your child or other players? Yell at the ref? Does he cheat, or manipulate the rules?

I’ll be straight with you – this is a bad sign. This shows that the adult role model in front of your child lacks basic self control, and is unable to respect his players, the people around him, or the beautiful game. You should not tolerate this, period. If you see this, grab your child and run away FAST!

RYSC coaches understand that they are true-life mentors to your child. They respect the beautiful game, by respecting all players, coaches, referees and parents. In the end, respectful, positive coaching will produce far better results than disrespectful, abusive coaching ever will.

Is it time for your player to make a switch?

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